I am a Wife, Mom, and lover of all things photography. I have been married to my amazing husband for over 19 years.  He is my biggest support and always makes sure I am shooting with the best gear.  We have two daughters and a son, who are three of my favorite photography subjects.

I have had a love for photography since high school and took photography classes in both high school and college.  My husband bought me my first big girl film camera when we were dating- a Canon Rebel. I took photos of our friend's pets,  tons of flowers, and even my husband riding his motorcycle back and forth down the street over and over so I could learn how to drag my shutter.  I went through a ton of film. I still have a deep love for film and recently took up shooting film again. You may even see me bring one of my film cameras out on one of my sessions for a few shots.  

I started my photography business when our first born was a baby after having a rough experience at a mall photo studio.  I came home feeling exhausted and discouraged. My husband encouraged me to take my own photos.  In the beginning, I made an in home studio in our bonus room with studio lighting, but over the years I realized that I preferred the look of ambient light. My hobby turned into a business quickly when my friends encouraged me to take photos of their families.  

I have had my own business now for 15 years. My business has grown strictly by word of mouth.  This, in my opinion, is the greatest compliment I can receive from my friends and clients.  With each photo session, I strive to make the entire experience stress free and fun.  I love a good candid and do my best to grab posed and candid shots. When the kids need a break, we take a break.  I can often be found racing kids, stomping on shadows, making wishes on dandelions, or teaching kids how my camera works. Sometimes I even let the kids take a photo with my camera which I always include in the finished photo gallery.  

My favorite thing about my job is watching my clients grow year after year. I have photographed many of my clients brand new babies and watched their families grow over the years. It is such a joy that I get to share in preserving a family’s history one session at a time. I really do have one of the greatest jobs in the world!